Obama, Senate Democrats, and Congressional Republicans: Can They Work Together?

Posted by root | 8 Nov, 2012

I have got good news and bad news. The good news is that the most divisive election in modern times is over. The name calling, the mudslinging, and the ugly television commercials are done. The bad news is that Washington has not changed. The same players are back who must now find common ground to solve some very serious problems facing our country. America is deeply divided. I hope I am wrong, but based on past performance; the likelihood of mutual cooperation and working together does not seem likely.

For Barack Obama’s chapter in American history to be more than an asterisk or casual mention, he must search for common ground with Republicans. For the Republican Party it too must look for common ground and for its survival, it must remember its strong suite, the economy, and be less strident and more flexible on issues like immigration reform that put conservatives out of touch with the mainstream of American thought. The party cannot continue to spot democrats the votes of unmarried women, Hispanics and Latino’s, and young people under age 30 because its views are too far right and out of touch. Just as the extreme left brought down the democrats in the eighty’s, the far right wing cannot be allowed to control the agenda of the Republican Party.

If Republicans fail to provide reasonable solutions to today’s problems, the American people will finish what they started on November 6. Just as republicans sent a loud message to America in 2010, democrats will succeed in doing the same thing and send their own loud liberal message in 2014. Republicans can rebuild, but first they must be seen as reasonable. Reasonable compromise can be had on tax reform, spending, and immigration. Republicans cannot be seen as obstructionists, and neither can President Obama. Republicans must be seen as leaders working to find reasonable solutions to our nation’s problems. If they succeed they can roar back in 2016.