Libya and Egypt: Terrorists Attack the United States on U.S. Soil

Posted by root | 19 Sep, 2012

The uprising in the Middle East and the attacks on the U. S. Embassies are clear reminders that the war on terror is far from over. Our enemies are still after us, eleven years after 9/11.

The United States is hated by large groups of radical religious zealots from the Middle East all under the guise of religion and a belief that the only good non-Muslim is a dead one. They have made this very clear. The governments of the various countries that house these terrorists either walk a fine line between appeasement of the terrorists and appeasement of the United Sates or out right hatred of the United States and support for the terrorists. In either event they take our foreign aid and our money. And what is worse is we keep doling it out when these nations are in cahoots with our enemies.

U.S. foreign policy is also one of appeasement. The U.S. tries to buy favor from foreign nations that house the terrorists expecting to get their cooperation in our war on terror when in fact all we get is lip service and double talk. Take a look at Afghanistan and Pakistan. Both governments take our money and tolerate the bad guys who are waging war against us. Money does not buy loyalty. It buys lip service.

The terrorists who attacked our embassies and those who killed our Ambassador to Libya and three others must be made to pay for their murderous acts. The leaders who agitate their followers to rise up against the Unite States must be hunted down and punished. And, yes, the governments where the terrorist leaders reside should also be punished for allowing such activity to go on inside their nation when such activity adversely affects U. S. citizens and our interests.

The United States must take a tough stance upfront, not when the attacks and killings are under way. “We are going to get you,” should be replaced with, “Here are the rules. Violate them and we repay you in kind one thousand times over.” Yes, the U.S. needs to play hardball.

Take a look at Iran where softball has been played for countless innings. The current administration in Washington, like others, continues its “tough sanctions” against this rogue nation that has threatened to destroy us and our ally Israel. And while Iran is being squeezed “tighter and tighter with tougher sanctions” it continues to expand its nuclear program. Iran turns its nose up at us and the rest of the world. It won’t be long until Iran has a nuclear weapon and tough sanctions. Then what?

The U.S. has talked the talk but has not walked the walk. Our enemies know this so they continue to ignore the U.S. and the world. Respect comes from strength, not weakness. The United States is and should be the world leader. But the United States will not succeed in this role if it continues to be all bark and no bite.