Gingrich, Paul, Romney, and Santorum: Obama is the Issue

Posted by root | 24 Feb, 2012

You have heard the expression many times. “This is the most important election in our lifetime.” But this time, reflecting on where this nation has been, where it is now, and where it wants to go, this election is truly historic. This election may send America down a road never traveled before and may profoundly change our country forever.

Barack Obama is the first truly ideologically committed liberal to serve as president. Some call him a socialist. Sure liberals have served as president. Bill Clinton is a liberal. But he was also a skilled politician who would never let his philosophical beliefs get in the way of a reelection or his own personal popularity. This is why his presidency, which was in shambles after HillaryCare, survived. Clinton moved to the center to insure his reelection. Of course his second term was marred by scandal but still his motive to be reelected and his need to be liked overroad whatever political philosophy he may have had. And it worked for him. He was reelected, and the American people have largely forgotten the Lewinsky scandal in his second term. He remains very popular today with a lot of people more so than his successor George W. Bush who pulled America together after 9/11.

President Obama is different. He is committed. Raising taxes on the rich, government spending to cure all of the ills of the world, funding green companies who are destined for bankruptcy regardless of federal intervention, tolerating illegal immigration, increasing the deficit to fund more spending, the creation of ObamaCare, reducing our nuclear weapons arsenal, reducing our military defenses, and weakening our national defenses overall. This is but a small part of his agenda. It is the philosophy of a committed liberal who wants to fundamentally change our country without regard to reelection. But, if President Obama is reelected, the America we grew up in will quickly become a faded memory, and we will soon be known as the United States of America – European Branch.

So what are the chances that Barack Obama will be reelected? The power of the incumbency is very strong. Obama can be beaten. But the Republican field must begin focusing on the specifics of where Obama has led the nation, how he has failed us, and how we can recover. Without Republicans offering a better way, Barack Obama will spend four more years in the Oval Office.

Unfortunately the Republican field has yet to nationalize this election. Instead, it is dwelling on issues that most Americans are not focusing on. The candidates sound like they are running for a city council seat. “I am more conservative than you.” “You voted for a tax.” “Your mother’s uncle’s cousin’s neighbor’s friend was arrested for shoplifting.” Wow! Is this the best the field has to offer? It is time to talk real issues and real problems. Force the discussion now, so that come November Barack Obama will have to defend his record and not be able to dance around it.

The Republican candidates are ignoring the important issues facing our nation. And these are the very issues that President Obama is failing at. For example, the national deficit continues to skyrocket. It is the most pressing problem in America today. The deficit is now pegged at $15.4 trillion and growing, and the federal government continues to spend even more money without regard for the day of reckoning which is just down the road. Our nation is on a path to bankruptcy, and the Republican candidates are offering no clear solutions.

The Obama administration recently announced that it was considering reducing our nuclear arsenal at a time when Iran is on the verge of its own nuclear weapon. Iran has directly threatened Israel and the United States. So why get rid of our best defense to a rogue state like Iran? Again the candidates should step up and offer their solutions. Will they tolerate a nuclear Iran? Will they, like Obama, apologize to our enemies for our actions in defending ourselves?

How will we solve our education crisis in America? Students in other nations outperform our kids. This needs to be reversed. How will we do it, candidates?

Candidates, how will you change the culture of Washington that has forgotten the American people?

Will we keep our military strong and our armed forces ready? Candidates, do you believe in leadership through strength?

Instead of running against each other, the Republican field should be running against President Obama. By doing so Republican voters will be better able to pick a nominee, and the nominee will be better prepared to take on a skilled candidate like Barack Obama.

Maybe it is the way the campaign has gone so far is the reason why so many Republicans would like to see another candidate enter the race. If Republicans go into October with this attitude, Barack Obama is most assuredly guaranteed another term, and America will continue her slide down a very steep and slippery slope.