Herman Cain's Bimbo Eruption

Posted by root | 1 Nov, 2011

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Anthony Weiner. Bill Clinton. Mark Sanford. Even Louisiana is not immune. It happens all the time. They do it so often.

Men in powerful positions often find themselves in compromising situations because they have said or done things dealing with their sexual escapades that cost them dearly. Usually it is the politicians we hear about, and the results can be catastrophic. The latest idiot move to come to light is by Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain.

According to Politico.com two accusations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain occurred many years ago. But the passage of time has not stopped the media from reporting it, or the public from reacting to it. Whether or not Herman Cain did what published reports say he did is not relevant in these scandals. Much of the public will believe he sexually harassed these women no matter what. While some may look the other way, the damage has been done. Herman Cain will have more than Mt. Everest to move to shed these press reports before he is back in the game.

Defeating Barack Obama, despite the public’s poor opinion of his job performance, will be a tough go for any Republican nominee. The nominee must run a picture perfect campaign. Herman Cain was going to find this to be a bumpy road due to his lack of political experience. But now he is being accused of sexual harassment, and this is far from running a perfect campaign. Even if Herman Cain rides this out and gets the Republican nomination, the rumors of his possible marital infidelity and harassment charges will haunt him in the general election. These accusations will affect the independent vote and the women’s vote. These are votes that no Republican candidate can afford to lose, and these are votes Herman Cain is virtually assured now of not getting. And should more women come forward, Herman Cain is done.

Cain was informed of the now published reports several days before the story broke, and press reports say his campaign did not respond to the charges. Compounding the problem is that a settlement was made to make things go away. Such settlements are often made in light of a business decision that it is cheaper to settle a claim than it is to fight it in court. Businesses often pay such claims because it also avoids embarrassing publicity. But whether it was a business decision to pay or a valid claim, the fact is that the settlement was made and money changed hands. This too is not good for Herman Cain.

Pollsters will be scrambling in the days to come to test the impact of this latest bomb shell in the 2012 campaign to unseat Barack Obama. All pretenders to the nomination who have challenged Romney have fallen to the side of the road. There appears to be no left. Herman Cain is the latest. Will he revive his campaign? Will Mitt Romney now become the virtual nominee of the Republican Party? We shall see, but it is sure looking like an Obama – Romney run for the White House.