Bobby Jindal and Obama Care - No Surprises

Posted by root | 25 Jun, 2015

Jindal running for President – It was the worst kept secret in Louisiana politics that Governor Jindal would seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  Jindal made his announcement yesterday before a small crowd in Kenner. 

Throughout his political career Bobby Jindal has dogged higher office.  He reached for the top in his first race for governor and lost as much for his idealistic outlook and approach to running for a major office as anything else.  He then entered a cakewalk to Congress where he served until the next race for governor, a race he could not lose even if the incumbent had sought re-election.  In his first term as governor, he did well.  His signature legislation, financial disclosure for elected and appointed officials, was passed by the legislature.  In his second term, however, Governor Jindal compromised his obligation to the people of Louisiana.  As an early Jindal supporter I am disappointed in his job performance. 

Jindal began his quest for the republican nomination in earnest during his second term.  He traveled across the country forsaking his responsibilities back home.  He proposed annual budgets that slashed the funding of higher education and health care.  Our universities and the poor suffered.  All the while the state was giving away the store to big business and industry.  Finally, in this most recently completed legislative session, the legislature raised taxes on business, gutted the film tax credit, and reduced many tax credits thereby raising taxes.  In a very arrogant move the legislature was forced by the governor to pass the SAVE credit which on paper looks like a tax decrease but in reality is not.  No one will receive the tax credit.  It is merely smoke and mirrors on paper.  Why was Governor Jindal so adamant that the legislature pass SAVE?  So he could brag that he never raised taxes.  No true.  Taxes were raised and sleight of hand cannot change that. 

So now our governor begins traveling America in search of a party nomination he is very unlikely to ever get.  In the meantime Louisiana still suffers as its governor is focused on other matters that don’t help our state progress.  To the people of America Bobby Jindal is a risk and a gamble that she cannot afford.  Louisiana has suffered without a focused leader.  America needs leadership today more than ever, a quality Bobby Jindal does not have. 

Obama Care upheld – In a ruling that I do not find surprising the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld Obama Care’s subsidies in states that have not set up their own exchanges.  The court in a 6 -3 decision has made a political ruling not one based on the English language.  Clearly the law passed by Congress says that subsidies are available only in states that have set up their own health care exchanges.  The majority of states have not set up those exchanges yet the IRS has allowed the subsidies to be paid to purchasers in those states.  If the English language ruled the court decision would have gone the other way.  Instead, the court assumed the role of Congress and set out to find a way to legitimize the health care law just as it did in the initial challenge to the law’s constitutionality. 

It appears that the English language is meaningless when political objectives outweigh laws passed by Congress.  Democrats can say they made a mistake in writing the law by not allowing subsidies in states that have not set up a state exchange, but it is not the job of the courts to fix it or to write legislation.  It is the court’s job to interpret the law; and, if the law says it is a dark night outside, the courts should not say the sun is shining brightly because some politicians have changed their minds.  The law is what the law says it is and mistakes by politicians who did not read the law they were voting on is their fault to be fixed by them and not by the courts.