Governor Jindal, the Legislature, and Our Money

Posted by root | 21 Mar, 2011
Families across Louisiana sit down regularly at the kitchen table to discuss their finances and to balance their checkbooks.  They know that if they spend more than they make they are headed for trouble.  Working hard and doing the right thing is responsible, and we expect it of...

Buddy Roemer: Rubber Bands to the Presidency?

Posted by root | 9 Mar, 2011
Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer has announced he is running for President.  Of what, you ask?  Of the United States, of course.   Now don’t dismiss his candidacy.  Two and a half years ago the American people elected a candidate with little government...

A House of Cards

Posted by root | 1 Mar, 2011
The budget deficit in Washington is legendary.  Nearly $15 trillion in debt and still climbing.  What has alarmed many Americans is they have now discovered the poor fiscal shape that the states are in.  And unlike the federal government, the states cannot print money. States...

The Campaign Is On!

Posted by root | 21 Feb, 2011
Believe it or not the fall campaign has begun.  In October, Louisiana voters will face an election for all statewide offices except our two United States Senators.  Many parish and local races will also be on the ballot.  Statewide incumbents are gearing up for re-election and few...

You can now read my commentary on Bayou Buzz

Posted by root | 15 Feb, 2011
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