The Campaign Is On!

Posted by root | 21 Feb, 2011
Believe it or not the fall campaign has begun.  In October, Louisiana voters will face an election for all statewide offices except our two United States Senators.  Many parish and local races will also be on the ballot.  Statewide incumbents are gearing up for re-election and few...

You can now read my commentary on Bayou Buzz

Posted by root | 15 Feb, 2011

Balancing the Budget

Posted by root | 15 Feb, 2011
President Obama has submitted his budget to Congress for the new fiscal year beginning in October. As is typical with any budget submission by the president, Obama's budget proposal is dead on arrival. The House of Representatives, with a Republican...

The Uprising in Egypt

Posted by root | 8 Feb, 2011
The unrest in Egypt should be a wakeup call for the entire free world. The desire by an oppressed people to want freedom is human nature and should be no surprise. No one wants to be oppressed. The internet, the rise of social networking, the ability with...