The Implosion of Donald Trump

Posted by root | 20 Jul, 2015
Donald Trump has flirted with running for President of the United States in the past.  Four years ago he announced on Fox News that he would not run.  Now he is a candidate in the r epublican field ; and , according to some polls , he is the front runner. ...

Bobby Jindal and Obama Care - No Surprises

Posted by root | 25 Jun, 2015
Jindal running for President – It was the worst kept secret in Louisiana politics that Governor Jindal would seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  Jindal made his announcement yesterday before a small crowd in Kenner.  Throughout his political...

Jindal and Obama: Two Peas in a Pod

Posted by root | 21 May, 2015
Republicans have long criticized President Obama for using executive action to enact rules and regulations for an agenda that Congress has not authorized.  In effect he creates law where no authority exists for his actions, or he overreaches his authority.  Now Governor Jindal is doing...

Interview with Bayou Buzz on the 2015 Legislative Session

Posted by root | 4 May, 2015
I was recently interviewed by Steve Sabludowsky of   regarding the 2015 legislative session. Here is a link to that interview.  .

Hillary Clinton Battles the Past, the Future, and the Republicans

Posted by root | 14 Apr, 2015
The race for the White House is on.   Both parties now have at least one major candidate seeking their party’s nomination for the presidency.   The democrats are looking at a coronation while republicans are facing the professional wrestling equivalent of a battle...
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